Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Mosaic sign

Here are some pics of the sign installation I have been commissioned for the recording studio of Joey Altruda. The studio is called simply, Joey's Place and is located on Melrose Ave in Hollywood, CA. It is a very interesting place to step into as it has been running continuously as a studio since 1936. Joey has done a great job maintaining a truly historic look and feel of the space while providing a top notch digital and analog facility for musicians. The original design of the business had the signs over the front doors, but for practical purposes, the main entry has bee moved to the backdoor next to the parking lot. While this makes much more sense for loading musicians' equipment in and out, it had no presence as the entrance of a business, so we have started to change that.

My intention was to create a sign that incorporates the personalities of everyone involved in the studio, and a vintage feel. I wanted to give the impression that this sign could have been there all along. I chose atomic era inspired lettering and used colors that are found in the bricks and concrete on the building itself, with some contrasting bits of bright colors just for fun.

When complete, there will not only be the descriptive sign in the middle over the door, but also two panels running up the bricks on both sides of the doors. I will post pics of those as soon as they are installed.

So far, this project has been a lot of fun to do and the response has already been overwhelmingly positive.

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